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Canadian Food Strategy

At the second annual Canadian Food Summit, held in Toronto on April 9-10, Dr. Michael Bloom shared a draft Canadian Food Strategy to stimulate change in our nation’s food system. The strategy is being developed as a comprehensive, evidence-based and action-oriented framework.

The five key elements of the Canadian Food Strategy are:
– Industry prosperity
– Healthy food
– Food safety
– Household food security
– Environmental sustainability

While most of the world’s national food strategies tend to focus solely on industry, Canada’s Food Strategy is more comprehensive and includes all stakeholders. Within each of the key five elements, the Strategy outlines specific goals, desired outcomes and key actions. When addressing the element of healthy food for example, one key action which I support is the development and marketing of new “better-for-you” foods and brands to help Canadians eat healthier and have balanced diets. Another key action is to implement public awareness programs, in partnership with media, to encourage people to choose foods to maintain a healthy weight.

The next draft of the Canadian Food Strategy is expected to be ready by June for an online consultation phase. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to shape the nation’s first ever food strategy!

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