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After school snack ideas!

Looking for some snacks to feed the hungry kids?

Pair PROTEIN with PRODUCE for a healthy and nutritious snack! Protein gives us sustained energy and helps us feel full. Produce (fruits and veggies) provide essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, folate and fibre. And let’s face it, most kids (and adults) just aren’t getting enough fruits, vegetables or fibre.

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Sue in her kitchen talking to TV host







Here are my 4 go-to after school snacks that combine protein and produce.

Cheese biscuits with fresh fruit

Make a big batch of these garlicky Cheese Biscuits and pop them in the freezer. They take less than 25 minutes to make. Grab one whenever you need a snack and pair with fresh fruit.

2 cheese biscuits with apple slices and grapes on a blue cloth napkin

















Energy balls

These no-bake snacks taste like a treat! Packed with protein from peanut butter, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, these little gems are made with oats, cocoa, chocolate chips and dried cranberries.  Find the recipe here.

Energy balls on a small pink dish


















Chicken Wrap

Open faced tortilla with Tzatziki sauce, diced chicken, lettuce, carrots and cucumbers

















Start with a tortilla. Make a slit about halfway up the tortilla to create 4 quadrants or sections. Fill the first section with Tzatziki sauce (or hummus or mashed avocado); the second section with your choice of protein; and the last two sections with produce. Fold each section onto itself to make a triangular shaped wrap. Enjoy as is or grill it on a sandwich press.

Tortilla wrap filled with veggies; first quarter section of the wrap is folded up.





Tortilla wrap showing cucumbers

Tortilla wrap folded into a triangle




Naan Pizza

I used to make pizza on bagels but didn’t like how the cheese would ooze out of the hole.¬† Naan fits perfectly in the toaster oven. Kids can make their own pizza and customize with protein (cheese, chicken, ham, etc,) and their favourite produce toppings (red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives, tomatoes, pineapple).

Pizza made on naan and sliced into sections on a white plate









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