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My Conversation with Maye Musk

Sue Mah dietitian with supermodel Maye Musk

Chances are you know Maye Musk as the mom of Tesla co-founder Elon Musk. But did you know that Maye was born in Canada and began her career as a dietitian? Today, Maye is an international supermodel, author and speaker. And she has over 280K  followers on Instagram, to boot!

In a recent reunion with Maye, I reminded her of her very first book – Feel Fantastic – which I picked up years ago as a new graduate dietitian. Maye says her advice hasn’t changed – eat well, be active and look great! Watch my conversation with Maye on my LinkedIn page or Instagram or on my Facebook page.

In Maye’s latest book, A Woman Makes a Plan, she shares her incredible story of resilience, motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Maye Musk signing her book for Sue Mah

Here are highlights of Maye’s advice:

On life: It’s never too late.

On raising kids: Let them be independent.

On dietetics: Make yourself known in the media. Make nutrition fun and educational!

On the secret to looking great: Eat well. When it comes to exercise, “no pain, no pain” – do not work out to the point of pain.

On her inspiration: Her mom (who became an artist in adulthood and retired at the age of 96!)

On her mission: To give people confidence.

On her social media: #ItsGreatToBe71


Thank you, Maye for this wonderful inspiration!




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